Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MSL Meeting - 10/23/07


New carpet is being chosen for the 5th floor. Clean, gray carpet squares will replace the destroyed carpet squares on the 2nd floor.

A new security system is being installed that requires the Gator 1 Card for entry into the library and secure rooms.

The library will be closed Christmas Eve.

The report completed by the Fines Taskforce is being reviewed and several suggestions are being implemented.

The libraries are conducting the LIBQUAL+ survey this year. Vernon will send around the questions they are using.

We are evaluating the new Ovid Platform before switching CAB Abstracts to the Web of Knowledge Platform. Next week the new Ovid Platform will be available for evaluation.

Computer Services

When you begin your shift at the reference desk make sure to check that the caps lock is off at the print release stations.

If you need a list of software in the circa labs you can check their website.


The Table of Contents links do not look like online resources anymore.

The music publication number is now displayed and searchable.

The LKR field is now partially implemented in Endeca.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cross-Division news from 10/12 meeting

Old web pages:
When people ask if DLC or Archives keeps old UF web pages, the answer is NO. But you may refer them to the Wayback Machine to look up a website (ufl.edu) or web page to see older versions.

Theses and Dissertations:
Refer to Staff Web / Preservation/ Binding for details on processing of ETD's, which takes about 7-11 weeks. Preservation staff are contacting some 10-12,000 authors of UF print dissertations (not masters'), requesting permission to digitize. Authors must sign form to consent. If authors wish to alter the restrictions on viewing their theses, they must write a letter to the Unviersity Archivist (Carl Van Ness). Sorry, no phones or emails -- we need a signature. Theses restricted for 6 months are invisible to all, but suppressed catalog records (for 6-monthers or any theses not found in public catalog) may be viewed in Aleph Staff Side.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Peer Instruction Idea

I remember hearing recently that Net Generation kids tend to believe each other, learn well from each other and are accustomed to learning and working on teams or in groups. Maybe I am simplifying that somewhat, but it gave me an idea for Instruction.

Why not have an undergraduate Library Instruction Peer Program that is taught by well-trained, work-study student employees? Classroom L308 could have a number of dedicated hours per week, perhaps a couple of specific hours each day, in which it is staffed by two student employees providing Library Instruction ‘tutoring’ for BSC and ENC students, as well as other undergrads who need help with their research skills. Other library reference staff could be on call or available on Chat Ref to backup the student employees. IT staff, like me and Michael are available to keep an eye on the classroom, as well. Michael is even here in the evenings and could potentially provide evening technical support for the classroom.

It’s just an idea, but it might work if patrons knew they could go to the classroom at certain hours and get the help they need – from their peers. Our student employees would likewise gain some valuable experience, and the librarians or other staff managing the program would have another accomplishment to enjoy.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

RefWorks/Endnote comparison

Hi All,

I thought some of you might find this comparison interesting. It is specific to University of Notre Dame but has some great info!