Thursday, August 7, 2008

Computing services notes

Computing services notes - from Middle Managers 8/7/08

* All circ problems: aleph, print demons, notices, etc -- anybody/everybody just send a Grover ticket. As Systems learns the quantity, frequency, and variety of problems reported, they'll learn how to how to base assignments.


* New linking service - Serials Solutions 360 Linker - is being tested The "Find it@UF" icon will change slightly (substituting the SFX trademark swirly with an @) and we’ll need to know when to make the switch on all our handouts, web pages, etc.


* phishing -- everyone remember to never give out any of your passwords to anybody. Not to Systems, not to CIRCA, not to UF. Requests for passwords (especially from email messages) are masquerades for phishing schemes. OK to give your logon, but never your password.


* Active Directory -- public computers will begin conversion this week. Patrons will use Gatorlink to logon. We may create guest accounts (following procedures) valid for 14 days. Guest accounts cannot be renewed; patrons will have to select a new name (smith1, smith2, etc) every 2 weeks. The Peoplesoft folks have not yet committed to making longer-term, renewable guest accounts. These guest accounts are for computer use only; they do not govern borrowing privileges or remote access. (Patrons can log into to the Library Proxy with their Gatorlink, but it only connects if their Gatorlink account indicates an eligible status.)

*** We currently have 300 courtesy borrowers, and some of them may be eligible for real Gatorlinks (which they can create themselves). They should check with Jim Stevens. In the meantime, it may be easiest to create them a temp guest account on the spot and then (we or patron) contact Jim to see what else can be done. Stay tuned.

*** There are 1800 guest computer use accounts active today. 1800 accounts x every 2 weeks means a lot of work for staff and a lot of grief for patrons. We'll hope to succeed with requesting speedy establishment of longer-term, renewable guest Gatorlink accounts.

*** Small branches with only student assistants on the weekends might send guests to MSL for account creation.


* Active Directory for staff computers -- might happen in mid-Fall. Huge implications for how we all manage our email; some aspects will be time-consuming and deadline-based.

*** Campus email only saves Inbox and Sent email for 30 days. Then it goes into Deleted folder. After 30 days, stuff in Deleted is irretrievable. We all must learn to put any items we want to save into our Retain Permanently folder.

*** Our new email address will be our Gatorlink. If you might be professionally embarrassed by your Gatorlink name, change it soon.

*** We'll all have to notify our discussion lists of our new (gatorlink) address. We should still receive mail directed to uflib, but we won't be able to post to lists that expect us to send from uflib. Feel free to start converting your discussion lists to gatorlink soon.

*** Will said he'll check the group email addresses (sciref, illoan, etc) to see how they can be addressed, managed, and accessed in the campus AD. Stay tuned.

*** We should receive recommendations and procedures on storing and backing up email on library vs. campus servers before we switch. Some gory details available at and


* Office 2007 - if you really want Office 2007 on your staff computer now, please send a request via Grover. If you can wait til about mid-Sept, Systems will be able to push the software over the network rather then sending a staff member to enslave your computer for awhile.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Hi, in case students come to the desk desperate for a calculator I have left a few freebies at the reference desk. Feel free to give them out!

LibGuides tips

Some tips for creating LibGuides:

To add an image to a LibGuides page, first upload the image to our server. I've put a few in but we might want to create a new folder for our LibGuides images. After you link to the image, click the "centered text" icon to center your image in its box.

Editors (secondary authors)
If you create a new page/tab within a Guide of which you are not the primary author, your photo and contact info will appear on that new page/tab! This may be OK, but if you'd rather have the primary author appear, ask the primary author to create a new page/tab, then copy the page created by the secondary author, then delete the secondary author's version.

Assign your published page to one or more Subject Categories. Click on Change Status, then in the Subject Categories (Optional) section, pick one, click on "associate," repeat as desired. Be sure to pick at least one from:
* Agriculture
* Biological Sciences
* Chemical & Physical Sciences
* Engineering
* Math & Stats
* Course Guides
and notify Joe so he can add the pages to those listings from

Good news: We can alter the Subject Categories at any time (even after a page has been published) and secondary authors may change them, too.

What else?
What other tips have you learned for improving and coordinating our LibGuides???