Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MSL Meeting - 12/11/2007

1. Announcements
-The MSL holiday party is this Friday at 6pm
-Pat has bought popcorn for the custodial staff. See her to contribute $$

2. MSL Services
-The electronic version of Science shows up very far down in the hit list in the catalog because it is titled "Science Magazine" not "Science". Paula sent a request to have this changed. Tara will follow up to make sure there is resolution to this problem.
-Chrissy is going to the communications committee meeting this afternoon. Email her any items you would like her to bring up.
-Tara reported that the 2nd floor will be getting the old carpet back; the 5th floor will be recarpeted sometime during Spring semester with new carpet.
-Carrie asked if there would be a new reference desk schedule for Spring. Are we single staffing? We took a vote and over half the staff wanted to change their current base schedule so we will need to redo the schedule for Spring.
-Laurie asked everyone to weed out documents from their serve folder because systems is switching to new servers.
-Everyone should bring in their stuffed animals for the annual holiday display case.
-Beth reported there are 40 titles that need decisions (withdraw/keep) to determine if they should be barcoded. She will be sending the information around to selectors.
-Val is going on three IFAS center trips this Spring. She will be helping two center libraries revamp their libraries. One is undergoing a reclass project and the other is looking to change how they use the library space.
-Carrie asked if we wanted extra Princeton files from the Education library. She will ask Alex to bring one over so Christine can evaluate.
-Sara announced the Annunciator is working again. The staff voted to change the layout to full screen with a crawl.

3. Library Newsletter
-Joe B. is on the newsletter committee. Submit any ideas for Science stories to him. Two ideas submitted in the meeting were "Laptops @ MSL" and a "New Librarian" story.

4. Committee reports
-Val reported on the Web 2.0 group. They broke into several groups to explore various technologies and have now submitted a report.
-Facebook group: Will create a UF Libraries account
-Internal blogs: Tom M. is creating a template; the rest of the group is creating policies
-E-learning: This group hasn't gotten very far with it's charge to "Integrate library resources into WebCT & Moodle".
-Library games: The Bioactive game has finished testing and team members will begin incorporating results from the beta testing into the game; The guitar hero day was a sucess and the library will continue to explore similar events.
-Project management: Denise's committee will test Basecamp as a project management tool.
-Toolbar group: They created a library toolbar. No one was aware of how it will be incorporated into the library.
-Vivo: The student assistant is fantastic and has already inputted the 28 test departments. Next she will begin inputting publications.

5. Computer services
-Laptop 101: Everyone played with the laptops; we reviewed the patron policies; if you see patron having problems using the laptops send them to Chrissy, Laurie & Michael. Chrissy is creating a troubleshooting guide for staff.

6. Cataloging
-Steve F. is retiring and his party is this afternoon.

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