Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MSL Staff Meeting Minutes (3/25/08)

1. Announcements
Budget Report/Library Council - Pam
There was a question about what it could be used for (internal vs. external). As of now, folks have flexibility (no prescribed templates or specific policies) in what they would like to use it for. Peter is going to set up training sessions soon.
The Faculty Senate's Infrastructure Committee approved the org chart contingent on the University Libraries Committee approving it (which they did). The chart is now slated to go through the Faculty Senate's Steering Committee then to the Faculty Senate. It should be on the agenda as an information item or an action item for the April or May meeting. Judy is meeting with the 2 groups (see Straw Poll results) that don't really support the new org chart to discuss it. Library West will now begin the process of internal reorganization which will involve coming up with various models and putting them to a vote. The new org chart will take effect July 1st.
Judy is adamant about not cutting services (e.g. cutting hours, etc). Hiring priorities are as follows: Associate Dean for Technology and Support Services, Electronic Resources Librarian, Development Librarian, Judaica Librarian, & Staff Development Librarian. A Grants Specialist position will be funded by the Provost. Library West & Marston chairs will be internal searches - possible 3 yr limited term - review process by the department at the end of the term. $400K needs to be cut out of OPS budget which would translate to a 75% cut to each library's OPS budget.
Materials Budget
$750K cut out of base budget (same amount as Provost gave the library 2 years ago to avoid cuts). Circle managers will be asked to cut 10% and prioritize the list. Foundation endowment $ will be used for funding extended hours and continuations (possibly).
Judy's main objective is no layoffs.

2. MSL Services - nothing to report

3. Computer Services - Laurie
Replacement laptops are coming. Printing is available on the laptops. LibX toolbar on all public machines now, so please install on the service desk computers so that you can assist patrons with it.

4. Cataloging Services - Jimmie - nothing to report

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