Wednesday, August 6, 2008

LibGuides tips

Some tips for creating LibGuides:

To add an image to a LibGuides page, first upload the image to our server. I've put a few in but we might want to create a new folder for our LibGuides images. After you link to the image, click the "centered text" icon to center your image in its box.

Editors (secondary authors)
If you create a new page/tab within a Guide of which you are not the primary author, your photo and contact info will appear on that new page/tab! This may be OK, but if you'd rather have the primary author appear, ask the primary author to create a new page/tab, then copy the page created by the secondary author, then delete the secondary author's version.

Assign your published page to one or more Subject Categories. Click on Change Status, then in the Subject Categories (Optional) section, pick one, click on "associate," repeat as desired. Be sure to pick at least one from:
* Agriculture
* Biological Sciences
* Chemical & Physical Sciences
* Engineering
* Math & Stats
* Course Guides
and notify Joe so he can add the pages to those listings from

Good news: We can alter the Subject Categories at any time (even after a page has been published) and secondary authors may change them, too.

What else?
What other tips have you learned for improving and coordinating our LibGuides???


Sara said...

In regards to the secondary authors appearing on a page's profile, if you are trying to convert a lot of pages, I can also contact Libguides support and have them change ownership. They are aware of the issue but the software doesn't allow us to make that change right now.

Carrie said...

re: links in libguides to another section of your libguide. Be careful! I created some links (which were working) and then a few weeks later they no longer worked and I needed to create new links. Reminds me I should go check and see if all of my links are still working :)

Denise Bennett said...

re: links ... if you copy from the URL box when you're logged in, the URL will have an "aecontent" in the middle and this will fail. Get in the habit of checking your pasted URLs, and if you see "aecontent" just remove the "ae" and the link should remain valid.

Carrie said...

Thanks Denise! That must have been what happened.