Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Find it @ UF" and the Catalog

Hi All,

Recently Denise noted that patrons are finding the "Find it @ UF" buttons in the Endeca catalog confusing. She notes:

"I've talked with several patrons in the last week who are confused by the presence of the Findit links in endeca. In particular, they've been in indexes, seen Findit and clicked. From the SFX window, if they click on the link to the catalog, they are then very confused to see the Findit button again. But they click it because it's very attractive, and get themselves stuck in a loop."

The RNC began discussing the issue and is currently considering removing this button. Does anyone else have thoughts, observations, or comments on this matter? Most likely there will be a broader conversation about the benefits/drawbacks of including the button later, however, right now we're trying to gather general thoughts.

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Tara said...

I thought it was strange to have that in there, but figured wiser folks than me made that decision. I would not miss it if it disappears.