Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Meeting minutes - 8/28/2007

MSL Services

  • Discussion about the new course reserves system. Many students are reluctant to create an account to view textbooks and just want to know quickly what books are available. Faculty must create an account & class so books we have on reserve are associated with the class. This hasn't happened for all the books in the textbook project so for now you need to look in the course reserves system & the catalog to see if something is on reserve.

  • Security. The new security guards should not be going to library-wide functions. Also, UPD will begin helping on game day Saturday's after the first two games. Their main concern will be making sure people aren't borrowing electricity from the library. If you see someone plug in an extension cord, don't unplug it.. Call UPD instead.

  • Sci-Tech Librarian. Interview will be held September 7th. Details are in the Personnel folder

  • Fire procedures. In light of the fire last week it was decided to have a common meeting point for staff in the event of another emergency. The spot decided upon is the picnic table next to the pond.

  • Endeca problems. Many people have noticed problems in the new Endeca catalog. If you see cataloging problems report them to catproblems@uflib.ufl.edu. If you see circulation-type problems report them to Chrissy and she will forward to FCLA.

  • Coordinating instruction. Saved for next meeting because of time

Databases. Vernon ran into a problem trying to access the databases through Metalib. Instead of being directed to the UF Portal he was directed to the FCLA Portal! Denise pointed out you can use the Quick Links list to find any database we own (they're all there). Or, the link to Research Gateway on top of the homepage search box leads to the UF Portal.

Computer Services. Currently trying to figure out the best way to distribute SciFinder 2007 to students & faculty. A new computer has been put in L215 to aid with gift book decisions.

Cataloging update: None.

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